The Association of Fashion Designers of the Kyrgyz Republic carried out a series of trainings on design and marketing in the fashion industry from July to September 2018. In total, 4 seminars and 12 trainings were held under the design component in which 17 firms participated. Moreover, 16 seminars with practical training were held under the marketing component, which was attended by managers and marketing specialists from 14 enterprises. The participants also received consultations from experts in the fashion industry, exposing modern trends and expectations of the target market. Furthermore, participants developed knowledge on communications, how to approach buyers, increase sales and promote brands through social media and marketing

The participants that followed the courses received further support to participate in international trade fairs. In total, 17 enterprises took part in one of the largest and most prestigious fashion trade fairs in Eastern Europe, Collection Première Moscow (CPM), from 4 to 7 September 2018. The trade fair provided participants with an opportunity to gain exposure, meet potential buyers and present their collections to the Russian market, one of the most important priority markets for the textile and clothing sector for Kyrgyzstan and where 90% of products from the industry are exported.

One beneficiary of the programme and CPM participant, Svetlana Golovina, Manager of Larisa Fashion, was very pleased with the results from CPM and is already placing orders for new customers. She mentioned, “we may not have the same level as European companies, but we have received many positive reviews about the quality of our products, and this means that we are on the right track”. 

Furthermore, two beneficiaries of the programme that produce children’s clothes presented their garments at the international Child and Junior Fashion Salon (CJF), which took place from 25-28 September 2018 in Moscow. Two enterprises, Evelen and Modniki, presented their collection of children’s clothes, including school uniforms, blouses, shirts and outdoor wear to potential buyers. The exhibition was an effective business platform and helped strengthen relations with partners and establish new contracts. The companies received positive feedback from potential buyers about the quality and range of their products, as well as possibilities to cooperate.

Valentin Shek, Director of Evelen, said “our company has been operating since 2006 and specializes in the production of children’s clothing and school uniform. Since 2013, we have cooperated with ITC, and thanks to that, we became participants in several international exhibitions, and also participated in many interesting seminars and trainings, from which we enhanced our knowledge on the sector. The CJF exhibition in Moscow was excellent; I am very pleased with the results. We were able to establish contracts with new customers and we have already received preliminary orders. We also received an invitation to participate in the next exhibition, and many buyers promised to visit our stand. I believe that these are excellent results, and in the future, we will be able to increase our company’s profits. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by the ITC programme.