In April-June 2018, a series of trainings for industry associations of light industry on strategic planning was held in Bishkek with the support of the Trade Promotion Program in Kyrgyzstan, implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC) and financed by the Government of Switzerland. The training was conducted by the consulting company Management Development Consulting (MDC) for three organizations: the Fashion Designers Association of Kyrgyzstan, the Legprom Light Industry Association, and Artisans Association “Daairy”.

The purpose of these activities is to strengthen the capacity of associations to identify and formulate organizational strategic objectives, visions, missions and work plans. These actions will allow associations to assess internal resources and opportunities for partnerships, prioritize activities in accordance with organizational goals, improve management capabilities, develop a portfolio of services, focus on customer needs, enhance the transparency of organizational objectives.

Four one-day trainings on the basics of strategic planning were conducted in April 2018. The objective of the trainings was to introduce participants to the principles of strategic planning, to develop skills in working with planning tools.

Since May, a series of 5-day trainings on the development of existing strategies for professional associations for the next three years has begun. All trainings were held in an interactive mode, participation was made by leaders and active members of associations.

With each of the associations, there were conducted PESTLE (macroenvironment) and SWOT-analyzes (immediate environment and internal environment), a vision of organizations for 20 years was built, a mission and values ​​were formulated, strategic directions were chosen to achieve the mission and enhance institutional stability. By the end of July 2018, the strategies will be developed, and implementation will begin in September. At the same time, MDC will be coaching on the implementation of strategic documents by December this year.

According to MDC CEO Olga Kan, for the future development of the garment industry, strong associations are needed that will ensure the industry stability and its competitiveness.

“But in order to help their clients — sewing companies, designers, artisans — the associations themselves must have a clear vision of who they want to be, who they work for, who their clients are, what services they should provide. For the development of associations, they need to clearly form a vision, determine the mission and build a strategy for their development. We create a working tool that they will use to implement changes in their organizations. And these changes, in turn, should lead to their institutional and financial stability,” — says Olga Kahn.

Vitalina Shevchenko, an executive director of the Fashion Designers Association, is convinced that the professional view in her business helps to see the work of the association in a different way, to take a fresh look at the usual things.

“A lot of companies in Kyrgyzstan, which work, so to speak, intuitively — someone is rapidly developing, someone is slower. Trainings help us to clearly build a roadmap to achieve our goals. It is very important that we are helped to structure our work, organize it taking into account the use of new tools that we are given, to form a vision of the future. The theory is immediately reinforced by practice. Structuring of the work and step-by-step execution facilitates the fulfillment of goals. I think that after the trainings we will achieve good results,” — says Vitalina Shevchenko.